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Dear Peter & Patricia,

You have completely exceeded my expectations! My parcel was on my doorstep when I returned home from work today, only one day after placing my order. That, along with your personalized note, is what I call great service! I won't keep you a secret.

SL (Whistler BC Canada)

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Hi Peter, 
      I really appreciate you following up on my concerns like that. It is really nice of you to take the time and that's the kind of businesses that I like dealing with. That is how my Dad ran his company and he was quite successful because of it. He always felt customer service was of the utmost importance and he believed one way of achieving this was for him to be sure and take care of his employees and keep them happy. Anyway, I have not yet had a chance to read it but I surely will. Thanks again!

With Thanks, M.M.D (London Ontario)

Warm Buddy Heating Pads

Back pain and stress relief using our heating pads and heat wraps.

All Warm Buddy products are approved medical devices, for back pain and stress relief, using heat or cold therapy. All made locally in Vancouver BC Canada

Warm Buddy make the best heat packs for relieving back pain and stress-naturally

Warm Buddy Company creates products that promote relaxation and provide natural relief from aches, pains and stress. Perfect for relieving that nagging back pain or relieving stress at the office or home.

With today's technology being so readily available,laptop/PC or mobile devices we sometimes forget how long we have been working the device and end up with strained neck or stiff back from sitting too long.

Pop one of our Warm Buddy heating pads in the micro wave for a few minutes and enjoy the pain and stress relieving warm moist heat that will penetrate those aching and stiff muscles and make you back pain feel much better.

The trick here to eliminate these stiff muscles in the first place is to take stretch breaks away from the device, should you forget it's always nice to know there is a natural means to help relieve them should they occur.

They have been following this philosophy since 1995, while creating their world famous aromatherapy heat wraps, heat packs, eye pillows and the original warm up plush animals.

Warm Buddy rejuvenating heat therapy products have become recognized for their superior quality and long heat holding ability. Warm Buddy heat wraps and heat packs are safe, easy to use and highly effective, also available in unscented. Simply heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer as desired.

All Warm Buddy heat therapy products are proudly made in Canada.

Work related stress relievers

Warm Buddy heating pads are the perfect solution to work place stress relief.

Should you be feeling stressed out, just take a few moments to heat up one of our ultra-shoulder wraps and place it around your shoulders and feel the stress just melt away. Worksafe BC incorporated the use of our Ultra Shoulder wraps for their employees to use to relieve stress or tension at work.

  • Emma Chritensen their corporate ergonomist found that individuals using the wraps had a more relaxed posture while working at their workstations, their shoulders were lower, not hunched up around the ears and productivity increased.

This all natural stress relief wrap penetrates deep into muscles to dissolve stress and soothe aches; moist heat therapy can even help diminish tension headaches.

Back to school stress




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