Pain relief and heat therapy

Pain relief and heat therapy

Warmth and heat have long been associated with comfort and relaxation, heat therapy goes a step further and can provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of lower back pain.
In addition, heat therapy for lower back pain – in the form of heating pads, heat wraps, . – is both inexpensive and easy to do.
We examine how heat therapy interacts with the body to alleviate pain as well as options on how to apply heat therapy to help alleviate many types of lower back pain.

Heating pad for back pain relief

How Heat Therapy Works

Many episodes of lower back muscle strain result from strains and over-exertions, creating tension in the muscles and soft tissues around the lower spine. As a result, this restricts proper circulation and sends pain signals to the brain.
Muscle spasm in the lower back can create sensations that may range from mild discomfort to excruciating lower back pain. Heat therapy can help relieve pain from the muscle spasm and related tightness in the lower back.

Heat therapy application can help provide lower back pain relief through several means:

  • Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue.
  • Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to the lower back will decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve the discomfort.
  • Heat application facilitates stretching the soft tissues around the spine, including muscles, connective tissue, and adhesion’s. Consequently, with heat therapy, there will be a decrease in stiffness as well as injury, with an increase in flexibility and overall feeling of comfort. Flexibility is very important for a healthy back.

There are several other significant benefits of heat therapy that make it so appealing. Compared to most therapies, heat therapy is quite inexpensive (and in many circumstances it’s free – such as taking a hot bath). Heat therapy is also easy to do – it can be done at home while relaxing, and Warm Buddy heat wraps also make it an option while at work or in the car.
For many people, heat therapy works best when combined with other treatments, such as physical therapy and core exercise. Relative to most medical treatments available, heat therapy is appealing to many people because it is a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical form of lower back pain relief.

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Father’s day gifts 2014

Father’s Day gifts

Father’s day 2014 is June 15th.
here are some ideas for you this year, stress relief, pain relief gifts.

Father’s day gifts 2014
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Mothers day 2014

Mother’s day gifts 2014

Once again Mother’s Day is upon us and the question as always, what do I buy her.
Our Warm Buddy comfort and stress relief gifts are all time tested.
Please leave sufficient time for the gift to get to you.

Mother’s day gifts
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How to get to danger bay 13

Here is a link on how to get to Danger bay 13. Madeira park: Pender Harbour. BC

This is how to get to danger Bay 13

May 17th to May 21st 2014


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Weekend warriors

The weather is getting warmer (on the west coast) and people are flocking to the garden centres to buy plants to fill their gardens.

We always forget to check our personal fitness and we always suffer after the first day of garden work with sore aching muscles and sometimes more serious injuries such as pulled muscles.

Muscle aches and pains


These are all preventable, using one of our heat packs to warm up muscles will stop your muscles from pulling and if you should have those badge of honour aches the next day use a heat pack to relieve the pain naturally

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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries are invariably caused by too much too soon, when muscle are cold and inflexible.

You need to warm up the muscles so they can stretch more easily.

our Sports Therapy Wrap can be used hot or cold.

Cold for swelling and Hot for old aches and pains

You must take care warming muscles that you don’t over extend the limits of the muscles, as heat can give you a false sense of extension and you may take the stretch passed what you would normally use, thus injuring the muscle even more.

Use hot or cold
Sports Therapy wrap


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Hot or cold therapy for sports injury?

We keep getting asked what should I use for a sports injury,hot or cold therapy?

The simple answer is:


If the injury is a swelling use cold.

Cold therapy is the best immediate treatment for acute injuries because it reduces swelling and pain. Ice is a vaso-constrictor (it causes the blood vessels to narrow) and it limits internal bleeding at the injury site.

Sports Therapy heating pad



If it is an old injury aches and pains use hot/warm


here is our number one heating pad that can be use hot or cold


Heat is generally used for chronic injuries or injuries that have no inflammation or swelling. Sore, stiff, nagging muscle or joint pain is ideal for the use of heat therapy. Athletes with chronic pain or injuries may use heat therapy before exercise to increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow. Heat can also help relax tight muscles or muscle spasms.

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Keeping warm

This winter has been really harsh and most times difficult to keep warm.

Our solution is fast and cost effective.

Just pop your Warm Buddy heating pad in the microwave for the stated time and this will keep you warm for an hour or so, then repeat as required.

We have found that using this method we have been able to turn the thermostat down a few degrees, thus saving money on heating.

Good luck and keep warm.

Spring is just around the corner as yesterday we saw snowdrops and crocus blooming and daffodils.

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Heating pad uses

Here are some practical uses for our heating pads:

These are a few areas our heating pads can be of use for your well being.

Also remember these can also be used hot or cold depending on the therapy required.

As a rule of thumb cold is used for new swollen injuries and hot for old aches and pains.

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New Warm Buddy products coming soon

New products coming in a few days

Small Moosey and Little Buddy Moosey

Coming in a few days time our new warm up animals.Plus the return of the Large Wooly.
Once in stock we will publish them to our warm Buddy page, keep coming back to check

Little Buddy Moosey and Small Moosey
Large Wooly
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