Stress relief at work and at home

Do you suffer from stress at home and at work,you are not alone.

Here are some interesting facts about stress in the workplace and how it translates into actual dollar amounts

  • The average direct cost of absenteeism is $3,550 per employee per year
    - Watson Wyatt Canadian Staying @ Work Survey
  • The annual cost to Canadian companies due to stress-related disorders is $12 billion
  • Absenteeism due to stress has increased by over 300% since 1995

Companies such as Worksafe BC are using our heat therapy wraps to reduce the effects of stress and have noticed that with the use of our Ultra shoulder wraps employees are much more relaxed. It was noted that their shoulder were much more relaxed while using the mouse and keyboard.

Stress  relief

Stress relief

So using the Ultra Shoulder wrap at work and at home can effectively reduce the amount of stress.

For more information, take a look at the Warm Buddy Stress relief  ultra shoulder wrap.


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Our Stress relief video

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