Healthy employees = Healthier bottom line

Maybe the Chinese did have it right. Do you remember the films showing all the employees doing their warm up exercises before their shift.

The same goes for your day to day activities, your sports and casual exercises.

We need to warm up our muscles up before we start any type of work, be it typing,to changing the baby,doing the gardening to running a marathon our muscles have a memory and when we introduce unfamiliar movements they don’t like it and sometimes they let us know by that twinge or excruciating pain.

Companies such as Worksafe BC use our ultra shoulder wraps for their employees to use when they are feeling stressed and athletes use our Sports therapy wrap to

Back and neck pain relief

warm muscles prior to a warm up as cold muscles are like an old elastic band they are not supple and are easily torn.

So, as our heading implies healthy employees mean a healthy bottom line, using our heat packs as part of their daily routine to keep them supple and agile will reduce the possibility of bad backs,headaches and stress.Ultimately less time away from work.

Keeping our muscles warm

Wildflowers Aromatherapy and Gifts

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