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Warm Buddy Heating Pads:

We have all the Warm Buddy products, all sizes, all colours, all in stock and ship same day.
Warm Buddy heating pads, heat wraps and warm up animals are all approved medical devices for the relief of muscle aches, back pain & stress.
Warm Buddy has been making quality therapeutic stress, pain relief and comfort products since 1996.
Heating Pad
Back and muscle pain relief heating pad, warm moist penetrating heat, giving fast muscle pain, sciatica & stress...
CAD $49.95
Fast neck - shoulder pain & stress relief.
Use at home or at work to relieve stress/strain due to computer work or other repetitive actions.
Neck & shoulder pain wrap,for stress and shoulder muscle pain, with our Ultra-Shoulder wrap .
Neck pain...
CAD $39.95

warming blanket perfect heat for body muscle pain relief
Use hot or cold for your back and body pain relief,moist penetrating heating pad, for muscle and cramp...
CAD $59.95

Heating pad for natural muscle spasms pain  relief
Our most popular Warm Buddy heating pad for muscle spasms relief, you can use it hot or cold...
CAD $39.95

Neck stress
Heated pillow for neck stress provides neck support for use at home, during spa treatments,
at work...
CAD $39.95

Fast efficient neck and muscle pain relief
Extra long size for relieving your back of neck pain and back pain. With it's warm moist penetrating...
CAD $39.95

How to relieve stress with a Warm Buddy
The best way to relieve your stress is with our anti stress shoulder wrap containing our anti-stress blend...
CAD $34.95

Migraine headache relief
Eye pillows will soothe your Migraine headache relief, Our eye pillow contains a blend of Flaxseed
CAD $19.95

Sleep Mask for headache and migraine relief and air travel comfort.
Sleep masks for Sleep Problems, Migraines and headaches: Relax and rejuvenate with the warmth and comfort of our...
CAD $24.95

Cramps - PMS and muscle pain relief fast and naturally, hot or cold therapy.
PMS cramps relief with a Warm Buddy microwavable heating pad: New designer warm up warming pillow ! Soft,...
CAD $34.95

Arthritis hand pain relief use hot or cold.
Arthritis hand pain relief,manicures or just cold hands.
Our new Warm Buddy Warming Mitts have removable inner...
CAD $49.95

super comfy throws.
The largest, softest and coziest Warm Buddy bedding throws. Our bedding throws are the largest, softest and coziest...
CAD $119.95

Free pair of slippers with each order of our best selling unisex spa/bath robes.
The softest most luxurious Unisex bath robes we have ever created.You have seen these at Spa's & now...
CAD $109.95

Relaxation kit, pillow and eye mask, perfect for traveling where air lines don't offer comfort products any more.Perfect Warm Buddy gift for travelers.
All natural and lightweight buckwheat hull neck pillow and aromatherapy sleep mask will have you relaxing in total...
CAD $49.95

Relaxation pillow, lightweight will give your neck the support it deserves.
This all natural and lightweight buckwheat hull neck pillow will have you relaxing in total comfort at home,...
CAD $39.95

Relaxation cushion for the office home or sports activity, cushion will give you the extra support your back needs
Our Therapeutic Buckwheat Hull Cushion will have you relaxing in total comfort at home, in the office or...
CAD $49.95

animal  slippers
Animal slippers, Fabulous and Functional...For kids These luxurious Beary Slippers are made from the softest fur.
CAD $19.95
Kitten  slippers
Fun, Furry, Fabulous and Functional... These luxurious Kitten Slippers are made from the softest fur.
This product...
CAD $19.95
adult slippers
Fun, Furry, Fabulous and very Functional... These luxurious Kitten Slippers are made from the softest fur. This product...
CAD $24.95
New Warm Buddy slippers, sumptuous slippers to go with your spa robes in leopard.
One size 7-9...
CAD $19.95

warming slippers
Treat your feet to the most luxurious plush slippers available. Inner packs can be warmed in the microwave...
CAD $39.95

Do you have cold feet at night then you need our foot warming socks to keep your feet warm.
Cold feet,can't sleep. Socks you can Wear to bed, keep feet warm and help with the circulation...
CAD $39.95

Spa booties XL size perfect for pedicures and cold feet
Our XL Spa Booties come with removable inner packs that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled...
CAD $39.95
bear shoulder wrap
The perfect cute and cozy neck warmer for relaxing tense shoulders. Keeps you warm and looking good on...
CAD $24.95
bear scarf
Our new Black Fur Scarves match our bear paw mittens. This ultra soft and luxurious fur will keep...
CAD $29.95
Bear mittens perfect for fall and winter to keep you warm, available now in Black and chocolate
Bear Mittens a cute and cozy accessory for any winter outing. These bear mittens will keep your hands...
CAD $24.95

bear  mittens  kids
Bear Mittens for children are a cute and cozy accessory for any winter outing.
They will keep...
CAD $19.95

sleepy time bear perfect to get baby to sleep and as a puppet to entertain them.
Sleepytime Bear can also be used as a puppet. Sleepytime Bear has a removable inner heat pack that...
CAD $27.95
Baby penguin all baby safe features perfect to calm and get to sleep
Baby Penguin is created from the softest fur, and has baby safe features. Every Warm Buddy plush animal...
CAD $27.95
kozy kat warm me up cool me or use me as a puppet.
Kozy Kat can also be used as a puppet. Kozy Kat has a removable inner heat pack that...
CAD $27.95
Baby  shower  gift  ideas
Baby shower gift ideas.Help Baby sleep better at night.Our Baby Beary the Bear is baby safe.
CAD $27.95

Froggie  the  frog
Froggie Frog is a member of the Warm Buddy Baby line of warm-up plush stuffed toys.
CAD $25.95
wooly throw perfect for the baby or todler
A Wooly Throw is a super cute and luxurious blanket created from the softest plush materials.
CAD $49.95
Baby shower
I am oh so cozy warm.. Size: 28'' (71cm) X 32'' (81cm)
Wrap your baby in softness,the...
CAD $44.95

unique  baby  shower  gifts
By popular request I'm Back.
Unique baby shower gifts: A perfect shower gift Our new Baby Wooly...
CAD $27.95
How much more Canadian can you get than with a moose to warm you up and help you sleep
Moosey is one of many Warm Buddy family of warm - up plush stuffed toys....
CAD $31.95
Small  leopard
One of the Warm Buddy family of stuffed plush animals. Our Small Leopard is so soft and cozy....
CAD $31.95
Our small bear has an inner heat pack that can also be cooled, perfect warm up companion.
Small Bear,is one of our plush warm animals, is so cute is 14'' tall and will help anyone...
CAD $31.95

Who could resist a Panda, one of our warm-up plush animals!
Our small Panda is created from...
CAD $31.95
if you have sleep problems then our small wooly will get you off to sleep.
Toddler sleep problems?: Small Wooly the Sheep is a new addition to the Warm Buddy family.
CAD $31.95
I am a large puppy that will keep you warm and cozy for hours.A gift for any, ages 1 to 103.
Our popular plush stuffed dog. More puppy to love! Our largest warm up animal.
The puppy makes...
CAD $39.95
Large wooly
Large Wooly is everybody's favourite sleeping companion. Wooly stands 16" tall and comes with a removable inner pack...
CAD $39.95
Large kitten will cuddle up and keep you warm at night and does not have an attitude!
We have had so many requests from our customers for a Cat that we re-created our most popular...
CAD $39.95
Our most popular warm up animal, our large bear will keep you warm for ever.
For the child in all of us.
Microwavable stuffed bear is our most popular bear. It stands 16'' tall and is available
in cream...
CAD $39.95

Large Panda is so cuddly and will keep you warm for ever.
The large Panda is so soft, one of Warm Buddy warm up animals. It stands 18 inches...
CAD $39.95
Little buddy bear has an inner heat pack that can also be cooled
Our new Little Buddy Bears are created from the softest fur. They come with a small removable inner...
CAD $27.95

Little Buddy Moosey
Little Buddy Moosey is the cutest and coziest symbols of Canada. Each comes with a removable inner pack...
CAD $27.95
Little buddy kitten purrfect warm up friend
Our Little Buddy Kitten is the newest member of the Warm Buddy family of warm-up plush animals. These...
CAD $27.95
Little buddy puppy needs no walks,or feeding will give lots of unconditional love and warmth.
Our Newest member to the Warm Buddy family is the Little Buddy Puppy. He is 11" tall and...
CAD $27.95
Anti stress bath salts
Anti Stress bath salts. New look, same great blend! Our rejuvenating anti-stress formula contains pure essential oils of...
CAD $9.95
Bath  salts
Buy anti stress bath salts in bulk now & save.Unwind and relax. New look, same great blend! Our....
CAD $49.95
Protect your essential oils in this hand made quilted travel case. Price is 30% off suggested retail,so hurry.
Essential oil travel case:
Hand quilted case that will hold 4 of your favourite bottle of oils,...
CAD $39.95 - $27.95

Essential oils,synergy blends to use as top ups for your heat packs, or to enjoy in a diffuser to relax.
Essential Oil Synergy blends (5ml) .16oz. Enjoy the calming effects these oils will have. Three synergy blends to...
CAD $9.95

Replacement heat packs for Warm up animals Large,small and baby
Replacement heat packs for large, small & baby warm up animals.If the existing pack is showing signs of...
CAD $14.95

car  scents
Scents for your car or work.
Know anyone that has to drive in traffic or is stressed?...
CAD $14.95
Be Happy
Happy Thots are small aromatherapy heat packs with "Be Happy" embroidered on the pack. Perfect for use as...
CAD $13.95
mini  bear
These popular Mini Bears are now available as a separate item. Mini Bears stand 6'' tall.
CAD $4.95