Unique housewarming gift ideas

Real Estate agents and Individual housewarming Gifts

Are you looking for a special way to say "welcome to your new home". Then why not let us prepare a quote for you using our locally made natural health and wellness products.perfect for those stress-pain and comfort related Unique housewarming gift ideas.

We have been supplying housewarming gifts in Vancouver BC since 2000, using our locally crafted Warm Buddy products.
We understand the stresses that happen when moving to a new house, the move itself, will it be done on time, will all my furniture fit, what will the neighbours be like, will we like them.

For the kids, the move is equally as traumatic, many suffer these in silence as mom and dad have made their fears known and the kids don't want to burden them with theirs. Will I make new friends, will I like my new school, and the list goes on and on.

A well thought out Warm Buddy housewarming gift will help the parents and kids know that someone cares for them and the gift will give a positive response to their stresses, be it a heat pack for mom and dad or a warm up animal for the child, each one will help relieve the stress and anxiety a move will create.

Vancouver Realtors

Vancouver and BC realtors have been using our products as uniquehousewarming gifts for many years. Using our warm up animals for the children and also for the adults to help ease their anxiety associated with the move.

Made in Vancouver BC Canada

hosewarming gifts
Unique housewarming gifts

Here is a note from a customer we prepared gifts for a golf tournament

Good afternoon Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for taking great care of us and the gifts that we needed.  By all accounts the golf day was a huge success and everyone loved the warm buddy gifts.  Thank you so much.
Warm regards,
Kari Reilander
Director of Operations
Saulteau First Nations

Please complete the form below and we will create some sample housewarming gift packages for you with prices.

If it's an individual housewarming gift you are looking for, we can gift wrap any of our Warm Buddy products for this occasion.

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