How to make your own mister inexpensively

Making your own mister can be fun and inexpensive and you can be creative in the oils you use.

We do sell our own misters but these are limited to 2 types. When we made our own misters we had 10 to 15 that were popular, so we decided to let you know the simple secrets of making your own mister.

Make your own Mister
How to make your own re-fill or new mister/spritzer

Making your own mister

  • Things you will need to make your own mister
  • Spritzer/Mister bottle 8 oz or 250 ml, dollar store has these for under 2$
  • Distilled water 4 litres at Shoppers/London drugs for 2.19$
  • Bottle of your favourite essential oil

Re-fill existing mister bottle

  • First determine the size/volume of the bottle
  • If it is a 250ml/8oz bottle
  • Fill it with distilled water, we use distilled as it has no impurities
  • Take the metric volume of the bottle say 250ml divide by 10 = 25
  • These are the amount of drops (25) of essential oil you will drop into the 250ml bottle.

Home made mister

  • Each bottle of essential oil should have a dropper set into the top, by turning the essential oil bottle upside down, you should get drops from the oil.
  • Viola you now have your own home made mister.
  • Each time you use the mister shake it to mix the oils with the distilled water


  • Your cost then for a refill of a 250ml/8oz mister will be around 1.14$
  • Cost of a store bought mister around 16$ or more.
  • This way you can make your own custom designed mister


Here are some applications for a misters use you may not have thought of.

  • Lawyers: use a lavender to help client relax
  • Dentists: use Lavender to help patients with anxiety
  • Retailers: use an orange mister as the smell of oranage stimulates spending, we tested this in our retail store and it did work.
  • Hotels: use it to spritz the corridors and when turning down beds to freshen the room and environment, you can be creative with the type of oil, you use.
  • Kids bedtime & grown ups: lavender is a great relaxant to help them sleep, mist the room and the pillow case and sweet dreams.
  • Cars: Instead of the pine tree hanging from the mirror, keep a mister in the glove box, use a citrus fruit oil as this keeps you alert
  • Home: bedroom,bathroom,mud room, basically anywhere you want it to smell nicer.
  • Office: here you need to be diplomatic, if you are in an open space office with many co workers, always ask if they would mind if you used a mister as they may have allergies. Once you have a concensus of agreement ask them what aromas they like and bring one in to test.

Your creativity is only limeted by your imagination, so try an oil or a combination of oils you haven't used before.

If you have any questions pleas let us know here

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