Here are some comments from our happy customers:  

Hi Peter and Patricia!

I just received my order today - such quick shipping! Right out of the box, I am in love with the Warm Buddy and the mittens - this winter will be so much more bearable with them by my side! Thank you so much for providing such a special product local to Canada. 🤗


Best wishes to you!

Hannah -California USA

Hello! I wondered if I could leave a review for you, very quick shipping and delivery, excellent customer service, delightful product! Will definitely be ordering again in the future, thanks so much!

Naomi :Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hi Peter and Patricia,


Just to a quick note to say, yet another very pleasant shopping experience with you. You were so accommodating when I ordered my Warm Buddy for my son. My husband said “Are you going to order a bean bag from Amazon?” and I said “No. I had such a great experience shopping with you last time that I would give you my business again.

I buy warm buddy products because they are far superior than anything else I’ve tried on the market. And I buy it from you because both times I’ve had such a great shopping experience with you.

Have a great night,


Thank you very much. :) Your Warm Buddies products are awesome. I've received them as gifts, given them as gifts to friends and to myself! They're the best thing ever.

Also would like to commend you for the work with the Edmonton Zoo and animals. Wonderful that you give back.
J.S. California

Just wanted to let you know that goods arrived on time and I am absolutely delighted with them!

L.B Alberta


:-) I just bought a Warm Buddy Baby Beary for my grandchild.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate finding a toy made in Canada,

and cute, cuddly and fun to boot!

A great gift to give that I can feel both proud of and know it is perfectly safe,

I can't thank you enough!



BC. Canada

Dear Peter,
I cannot thank you enough for my New Year's present- we spoke New Year's day and I was praying I hadn't really disturbed you!
Well, I got my delivery yesterday- and we bot got into bed last night with our warm buddies. Very cute! Had guests over for dinner and they tried them as well.
Must say I have been telling people how excited I was about getting them and would let them know what I thought once I used them ( but don't forget I had a friend who swore by them - so was confident that they would be of great help/relief) WELL NOW I CAN SPREAD THE GOOD WORD AND FORWARD YOUR E-MAIL TO THEM.

You have a new friend for life- am about to put my shoulder warm buddy on at my work!

Only the very best
S.W Montreal Canada  

I love the Warm Buddy Ultra Shoulder wrap! I've purchased many other similar products in the past and they sit unused since I got my first Warm Buddy wrap. The product design minimizes 'bunching/shifting' of the interior contents while maintaining great contact with the skin and, along with its weight, results in a much more effective product. It is also perfectly contoured. I've been in several car accidents and find the heat packs very helpful in keeping me looser and thereby minimizing migraines. I do neuropsychological assessments of people who've been in car accidents and so many of them have loved using these wraps over the course of the day while they're with me that I'm now ordering a few more to have on hand at work.
Thanks so much,
S.M. Burlington Ontario

Dear Peter and Patricia,

I received my Warm Buddies package today and I am so excited about the products!  They are adorable and I'm pleasantly surprised at how big the Warm Buddy Lamb is!

I just wanted to let you know how impressive doing business with you were incredibly prompt and organized.  Just going the extra mile to inform me of my shipping information and the personalized note in the box left a wonderful impression of you and your business and I will definitely order from you again.  I will also let my friends know about your site.

I really appreciate it!

T.N . (Alberta Canada)  

I was given a body wrap several years ago and I
have used it almost daily and yet it is still as good as new. For someone with
 multiple disc bulges, the body wrap is my savior. However, my daughter
 keeps stealing it to snuggle and sleep with. So I would like to purchase
 another one. How can I do this when I live in Australia? Your body wrap is
 the only heat pack that works, is comfortable and  is long lasting.
L.S. (Australia)

I used your heat packs while visiting friends in Vancouver, they are fantastic! I have a number of different ones here in Edmonton, but none compare in quality and comfort to yours.
So looking forward to receiving yours.
Warm regards,
P.B   Edmonton AB

I received my blanket yesterday! I used it last night and love it.
I am very impressed with your following up on the delivery status. I will definitely order products from you again.
Have a good day,
Michelle (California)

Peter and Patricia
I received the bear from you.  He is so soft and cuddly.   I appreciate it that you got it to me so quickly.   I cant wait to give it to my grandson.   His two sisters already have a kitty and a puppy from you.   I have sent your website to a couple of friends and I hope they order from you.

Merry Christmas

You people are just too awesome for words!! Placed the order Monday evening, received it on Wednesday!!! The little green frog is off to Norfolk, Virginia in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your prompt service and exceptional products!!

I've just heard from my daughter in London, England that her friend is recovering well in hospital and she loves her Warm Buddy.
Once again a Mom pulls through and due in part to technology and companies that offer outstanding service. Thank you!
PM..Alberta Canada

I received a Warm Buddy Co. neck wrap as a gift about five years ago. I didn't use it much at first, except when I had headaches. I had 2  similar car accidents in 2.5 years which resulted in wide spread soft-tissue injuries that included whiplash, headaches, muscle spasm,  shoulder tendinitis, arm pain, TMJ syndrome, a slipped rib, spinal sprain to all levels, ligament damage to the SI joints, bi-lateral hip pain, pelvic pain and severe left leg spasm in the abductors and hamstrings, ringing and pain in my ears, and knee pain.
I now have a chronic pain syndrome, am unable to work and have difficulty sitting, standing and walking without increasing pain. I've seen many specialists and therapists, tried different medications and have exhausted most treatment options and stumped my Dr.'s.  have naturally hyper mobile joints and the accidents have made them more so, which has resulted in my SI joints and back going out on me frequently. I was told to use ice to manage my pain, but I didn't find much relief with it.
My massage therapist suggested I try heat instead. I've tried many types of heat treatments that have cost as much as $2800.00 and the best, long-lasting heat therapy I have is provided by my Warm Buddy wrap.
I've used an infra-red jade acupressure massage bed, an infra-red heating pad, hot water bottles, a standard heating pad, as well as two other types of heat wraps: a neck wrap from Beauti-Control and a Magic Bag Neck to Back Wrap.
All of these products do not measure up to my Warm Buddy wrap. The > Beauti-Control and Magic Bag neck wraps seemed to provide moist heat at first, but didn't retain the heat very long and, after awhile, they required longer amounts of time to heat up in the microwave, lost the moistness that I found helpful and started to smell like the seeds inside were burning. After years of extensive daily use, my Warm Buddy wrap still takes the same amount of time to heat as it did when I first received it, it still provides moist, long-lasting heat and doesn't smell like it's burning.
Also, the weight of it is comfortable enough that I can tolerate it on areas that are hyper-sensitive to touch. It helps with severe pain and spasm, but it also provides headache relief and when the ringing and pressure in my ear gets really bad, I hold it against my ears and the heat takes some of the pressure away and then the ringing subsides.
I use it throughout the day, I sleep with it, I take it with me if I am going out somewhere I can access a microwave (including camping), and I heat it up to take with me if I have to go for a long drive. It is by far the most useful (and well-used) piece of therapeutic equipment I own and for the price that my mother-in-law paid for t, the most economical as well. Though I still require anti-inflammatory and pain medication to manage my pain, having my Warm Buddy wrap has meant that I can usually take less of that medication than I would normally need to in order to manage my pain. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile product! 
Alanna P.
Victoria BC

Dear Peter and Patricia,
Thank you so much for your speedy delivery, and also for the free eye pillow! I am totally in love with your products, and tell all my friends, and even customers in my children's consignment store, how fantastic they are. I bought a Sports Therapy wrap for my fiance last year, and he said it was the best gift he ever received! So I'm getting them for other family members this year, and my guess is they'll be saying the same thing!
Thanks again, and have a lovely holiday season.
All the best,
CC. Nelson BC

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing delivery of my order.  I received it less than 24 hours from the time I placed it.  This is very impressive considering this busy time of year.  I will definitely be doing more shopping with you.

Merry Christmas,
DM. Victoria BC

Wow that was fast! You guys are awesome thanks so much!
Definitely recommending this site to friends and family-

Howard..California I really appreciate how you guys always reply so quickly.
I really love this company.
Great products and customer service.
Thank you

I would like to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my Christmas order – and the quality.  Everyone absolutely loved their gifts and I will shop with you further when I need something special for myself or others.  Thanks again – everything was so much appreciated.
L.S   BC Canada

Pat and Peter:
Ohhhh, such lovely vehicles of heat and healing!  I love your products.  I use my shoulder wrap and now my new warming blanket nightly for my neck and shoulders.  Your products stay warm for hours.  I have them at my vacation home and always travel with one. Thanks.   Keep up the good work!

C.B. South Dakota

Thank you. It was by far the best shopping experience of the season (Christmas).
New Hampshire USA

You guys are always so on top of the ball when it comes to shipping. That's why I continue to buy from your site.


H.L. California  - one satisfied customer

Thank you very much for this great customer service.
This is the second time I have order this item from Wildflowers Aromatherapy. The first Teddy bear is on my daughter side at this very moment, she loves it!
My daughter is 15 months old and I got her first Teddy bear when she was only six months old. This little guy is her best friend and comes with her every where she goes, including to the hospital at Sick Kids in Toronto where she is being treated for Juvenile Arthritis since her 10 months. She hugs Teddy whenever she is scared, anxious or in pain. Teddy has dried her tears already so many times! This why is so important to have a "back up" warm buddy just in case something happens to the original Teddy.
I appreciate very much your answer to the issue of my lost order this morning. I am happy to see that I did the right choice when I selected a warm buddy for my baby.
L.L: Ontario Canada

Thank you, but you really didn't need to do that.  I was delighted to receive the package today.  I absolutely love the mitts, which really work wonderfully with my arthritic thumbs.  After I used them I used one on my husbands bike injury....a pulled groin muscle along with some essential oil therapy.  I think your design for the neck and shoulder wrap is is not just the warmth and the herbs, but the compartmentalization and the weight.....lovely!

Anyway, thank you again.  I will be contacting you again for more products.  I think that I can envision birthday and Christmas gifts coming up in the future. 
M.R  California

hi  i just bought one of your eye pillows and the scent is amazing on it! i suffer from chronic migraines and it really seems to relax me i wanted to know if any of the plush warm buddies had the same scent as your eye pillows and if not if one could be made like that.
your products are amazing

Thanks so much, Peter. I really love the personal touch. Looking forward to seeing the cute stuffed dog. I may just have to order one for myself :).
Dana (Richmond BC)

I love these ultra shoulder heat packs for myself and I have them for my patients to use when I do assessments.  I work with people who've been in car accidents and assess them for brain injuries. They usually spend a whole day or two half days with me and most of them have chronic pain issues and find it difficult to sit for such extended periods of time.  A lot of them find the heat packs very helpful and I've written down the warm buddy URL for many of them.  I especially like this particular product because it has some weight to it and I find it helps to keep my shoulders down (I've been in several car accidents, spinal fractures and deal with chronic pain and migraines...I find that if I can keep my muscles looser then it minimizes inflammation in my neck and hence migraines).  I've tried other brands over the years but swear by your product since I've discovered it.  Have you ever thought of approaching Shopper's Home Health stores to see if they would carry them?  The heat pack they carry there is not nearly as good in my opinion.  It weighs next to nothing and doesn't maintain good contact and hence provides poor conduction to the skin.

Thanks again,

S.M. Burlington Ontario

Thanks very much Peter and Patricia. These warm buddies always make such fabulous gifts, and the last few have arrived on time. Always glad to support a business that shows this level of commitment to their customers!

- Howard.  California

Thanks so much Peter, I received my order today.  I had tried to support a local business, but what took them 3 months to get me the wrong stuff you sent me all the right stuff in just three days.  I will for sure remember next time I'm looking for more Warm Buddy products.  Great service and thanks for the little pillow too!
S.D.  Lethbridge Alberta

Thank you for ... great website, great product, great communication, and wonderful service. Will certainly be keeping tabs on your site and will be recommending you to family and friends.
Sharon K. BC

Hello Peter and Patricia;
What a pleasant surprise to get the Warm Buddy Penguin and Sheep they are the sweetest creatures I have ever seen, my Grandchildren will so thrilled with  their gift I can ‘t wait until Christmas. They are so cute and cuddly I would highly recommend them. You do a superb job they look quality made. I am so happy with them I had to let you know.
Thank you for the quick delivery also.
A very satisfied customer.
Ridgeway, Ontario

Hello Peter!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to provide your company with a testimonial.

This was a completely easy transaction with a fabulous product delivered. I used the online order form available to quickly purchase a body wrap. It was easy to choose the model and colour I liked, and these selections were correctly shipped to me. A discount from their email subscription service was honoured without issue, and my body wrap arrived a day before schedule. The body wrap is absolutely fantastic! I hesitated ordering online to replace my old rice-filled microwave bag, because I liked it so much, but this one is far superior. The outer fabric bag is very soft and plush, and I also read it's washable. The inner bag has a light lavender smell which is beautiful - I can't say enough about this product!
Thank you for the great service, product and timeliness.
Alexandra - Guelph Ontario

I really appreciate how you guys always reply so quickly.
I really love this company.
Great products and customer service.
Thank you

Ashley - Vancouver BC

Thank you,
I will only shop from you guys bc I know that's where I'll get proper service.
You helped out my son so much, now I'm keeping the warm buddy tradition going. Starting with my nephew I hope he'll love his panda :)
All the best from us to you xo
From: Kaitlin K.  Ontario

Dear Peter and Patricia:
What incredible timing!  I just got home from a 10 1/2 hour day spent on a trip with 20 children, when what did I find but a package from you with my cozy bathrobe, comfortable slippers and stress relieving bath salts.  I know what I'm going to be doing this evening!
I love your products, and your service is always amazing.  Thank you so much!
Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.
SL  Mississauga Ontario

@wildflowers1 My go to place for all gifts - just placed another order for my new niece and nephew. Amazing customer service!

M.S. Vancouver BC

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery  of my new Warm Buddy. I have already tried it out and it is great!

L.R. Chilliwack BC
Customer service is A+ !

Thank you so much for shipping so quickly and for contacting me to let me know how it will come!  You made my Christmas shopping so much easier!
Thanks again,
L.G  Alberta


Perfect, thank you very much. I will highly recommend your website to anyone I know. For amazing service and great delivering time. Merry Christmas
S.M.  Alberta

I just received a very nice surprise to inform me that you were able to reduce my shipping costs. I really appreciate that you have done that and will definitely tell everyone of your consideration. Looking forward to sharing the warm buddies with my grandchildren. Thank you again ever so much! Merry Christmas to you all and much health and happiness for the New Year!
T.H. Alberta

Thank you very much. The order arrived today [8 Dec]. All is well. Your customer service is impeccable and much appreciated. This is one of the best shopping experiences we have had online.
Thanks, again,
N.H. Alberta

Thank YOU for such prompt service and such quality products. I love them and I know my nephews will too!  I'm sure I'll be ordering again and will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks again.
L.S.  Alberta

WOW... Now that is customer service! !!
I'm heading into (knee) surgery tomorrow Thanks for giving me one less thing to worry about.  
N. F. Ontario
Ps...I will most definitely recommend your store to my friends and family.

Thank you so much Peter!
I also wanted to say what brought me to your store, I have been following a sick little boy and his family on Facebook, Keian. It really touched me when I heard of your business and their generosity with his Christmas gift of his Warm Buddy. It's people like you that are going to collectively change the world.
Have a wonderful New Year!


This has now been resolved.

Wildflowers Aromatherapy was able to help me out last night. They were awesome to deal with.  And now a Warm Buddies cat is in her hands, giving comfort at a very hard time.

Many thanks for your wonderful product. And even more thanks to Wildflowers for their amazing customer service!  Please pass on my thanks to them.

K.  (Burnaby BC)

Good Morning!
Wow! I ordered Saturday and my order arrived at home on Tuesday!  That was fantastic!!
I received my first Warm Buddy product – the neck stress pillow – I love it!  My daughter wants one just like it now and as I tell people how awesome it is, I’m sure you can expect some more orders from this part of Alberta.  Even if it’s just me ordering for my friends and family.   And don’t even get me started on the Anti Stress Oil, it smells wonderful and is very much like oil that my massage therapist uses, so it’s instantly soothing to me.
J.M. (Alberta)

Hello, thank you for the email and excellent service - the puppy and oil arrived today :)
M.M   Duncan BC

Thank you Peter and Patricia, showed Samantha your message and she laughed and loved the name, Smoky' for her new puppy. Great idea. 
Always great to shop with you.
We are glad to be home - still on alert and helicopters buzzing around like crazy but hopefully all will be good soon. 
Looking forward to Smoky's arrival.
AM.W  kelowna BC

Good afternoon Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for taking great care of us and the gifts that we needed.  By all accounts the golf day was a huge success and everyone loved the warm buddy gifts.  Thank you so much.
Warm regards,
Kari Reilander
Director of Operations
Saulteau First Nations

Peter and Patricia
THANK YOU so VERY much for delivering on his birthday.  You are wonderful.  Will be using your services again.
Kind regards
L.W  (Australia)

Hi Peter & Patricia,
I just wanted to say I was really impressed with the customer service I received from Wildflowers Aromatherapy & Gifts and will use you again the in future for my next Warm Buddy purchases.
All the Best,
TGS (Sidney BC)

Hi Peter,
I just wanted to say your product has been a mainstay in our family since 2011 when our youngest daughter went through a very tough scoliosis surgery.  While she was in surgery, I had purchased a warm buddy in the gift of BC Children's Hospital shop for her.  That small gift was the one thing that carried her through a long dark period, and still does to this day.
We had since purchased several more for her and her older sister and she continues to heat up all collective "hot sacks" daily.  She still has the original along with 2 others and she uses them all at the same time "always".  She cannot part with the original one even though it is old.  She loves them all just the same.
I have decided to try a different one this Christmas and hope it will not upset her too much (lol) as she so loves the warm buddies.  But I just wanted to let you know that your product warms not only our daughter's heart, but our's very much so!

Thank you so much for your great product and amazing service!  I am very impressed as always!  :)

D.M - Victoria BC

Hi Peter, 
      I really appreciate you following up on my concerns like that. It is really nice of you to take the time and that's the kind of businesses that I like dealing with. That is how my Dad ran his company and he was quite successful because of it. He always felt customer service was of the utmost importance and he believed one way of achieving this was for him to be sure and take care of his employees and keep them happy. Anyway, I have not yet had a chance to read it but I surely will. Thanks again!

With Thanks, M.M.D (London Ontario)

Peter and Patricia.

Thank you so much for all of your very helpful advice. Incredible customer service!


J.B ( Australia)

You definitely helped when you sent the email to me re: refreshing the page. Couldn't get back to it until today. You are an asset to the company helping seniors like me. Thanks.
"Two thumbs up! Peter really helped me get this order. A real asset to the company. I'll be ordering more for gifts in the future."

G.Y ( Taylor MI USA)

Dear Peter & Patricia,

You have completely exceeded my expectations! My parcel was on my doorstep when I returned home from work today, only one day after placing my order. That, along with your personalized note, is what I call great service! I won't keep you a secret.

SL (Whistler BC Canada)

Hi Peter and Patricia.

I just wanted to thank you again for your advice regarding saving my sons Warm Buddy belly. We had great success and the pair are now happily reunited.

Thanks again.


J.B (Australia)

Peter, thank you so much for the incredible customer service! 

B.I (Kelowna BC Canada)

I got my large warm buddy puppy in the mail today, and I couldn't be more pleased!! My daughter requested something so specific and I was really worried it wouldn't find something in time for Christmas. I was really nervous about ordering something international so close to Christmas, but you guys delivered!! The personal note was also a nice touch!

Thanks so much for a great product and have a great Christmas!

J.LR (Belmont New Hampshire)

Wonderful – thank you – what service

L.M North Vancouver BC


Hi Peter and Patricia,

Thank you kindly. My mother is 96 and has a terrible time with arthritis. Your heating pads bring her much comfort. I look forward to receiving it!

Warm Regards,

TJ  Wheaton ML USA

I'm so grateful.  Thanks again Peter. I have done a lot of online shopping & have never received customer service like this before. I will happily recommend your products to friends & family. And of course will continue to buy your products!! I would love to get one of your stuffed animal warm buddies eventually! I have bad insomnia & I know cuddling on to one of those would Excited to make more purchases in the near future. Thanks again!!!! You made my day & I now have faith that there are still some good hearted people left in this world.

K.L (Alberta Canada)


Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. You really made my day. Customer service is really lacking these days, but you are proof there are people who look out for their customers. Thanks for being so kind. The Labrador goes to his new home tomorrow and will be well loved.  


Thanks again,

Karla (PA. USA)

Hi Peter and Patricia,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the wonderful service. I love my warm buddy shoulder wrap!! Such great quality and FAST service!!

I will spread the work about your company.



Calgary, Alberta

Good afternoon P & P

Your website is very easy to navigate, however the best is your customer service and quick processing of a placed order.  My husband decided he wanted a Warm Buddy as well after seeing how much I love & use mine, hopefully I picked the right colour for him.

DR. Vancouver BC

Hi Peter and Patricia,

Thank you so much for delivering my friends birthday present warm buddy to her!! She loved it so much. I am so so happy with my purchase and I hope to purchase from you again! The hand written birthday card was AMAZING. I am blow away with your customer service.

Thank you so much!


S.K. Maryland USA


"I can tell you this almost for sure and that is, as long as you guys continue making these best ever heat packs I will continue to order them. I am a paraplegic with a lot of nerve pain and spasms that can be unbearable but at least with your heat packs I get some relief. On top of that I have two forms of sleep apnea and must go on a servo ventilator at night so I’m going to try your new sleep set!! Thanks! It’s that old personal touch that you add like my dad had in his drug stores. I didn’t think it was possible but your fast personal replies are giving me reason to believe that the internet doesn’t have to be without the “older” fashioned “ personal approach. Keep up the good work!!

Sincerely, M D. (London Ontario Canada)