Pain relief

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Warm Buddy heat packs - heat wraps & warm up animals
Natural pain & stress relief products.

Warm Buddy make the best heat packs for relieving back pain and stress-naturally

Warm Buddy make microwave heat packs made locally here in Vancouver, the heating pads can be used for all types of aches, stress and muscle pains.

All heating pads are approved class 1 medical devices for the relief of back muscle pain and stress.

Stress relief

Heat Therapy

With today’s prolific use of hand held devices the body neck and shoulder muscles get tired quickly, causing stress on the neck and shoulders. If you can’t take stretch breaks away from your device, it’s good to have one of our ultra-shoulder wraps handy to relieve the neck pain fast and naturally.

Back pain

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an athlete, gardener or just someone who just suffers from a bad back.

Using our heat packs is a fast natural way to relieve muscle pain; the warm moist penetrating heat warms the muscles allowing the blood to flow more freely to the muscles.

Use the heating pads at home, at the office, driving also perfect companion for those going back to school to help them relax and concentrate on their studies.

Cold Therapy

All our heat packs are designed to be used warm or cold, it is good to have 2 heat packs and keep one in the freezer for the times you need it to relieve swelling.

Warm up animals

Our warm up animals are designed for the child in all of us, ages 1 to 103, perfect to help you relax and get off to a perfect night’s sleep. As with all our products the warm up animals are a class 1 approved medical device for the relief of stress and comfort.

Sports Injury

If the sports injury is fresh and or a swelling then use our sports therapy wrap and place it in the freezer, then place it over the swelling to reduce swelling and pain. Once the swelling goes down and you are left with the ache and pain , then use the therapy wrap warm to help relieve the pain.

Footnote: I have used my heat pack for over 15 years and it still gives off a moist heat.

All Warm Buddy natural pain relief products are proudly made in Vancouver. BC Canada.